Dillion Verma

Software Engineer turned Entrepreneur. I love building things and helping people. Very active on Twitter.

San Francisco, CA



At the end of 2022, I quit my job as a software engineer to go fulltime into building and scaling my own SaaS businesses. In the past, I pursued a double degree in computer science and business, interned at big tech companies in Silicon Valley, and competed in over 21 hackathons for fun. I also had the pleasure of being a part of the first ever in-person cohort of buildspace called buildspace sf1. I've documented most of the things I learned along the way here.

Work Experience

Atomic Finance

Bitcoin Protocol Engineer


Implemented the Bitcoin discreet log contract (DLC) protocol specifications as an open source Typescript SDK. Architected a data lake using AWS S3 and Athena for historical backtesting of bitcoin trading strategies.


Production Engineer


Implemented a custom Kubernetes controller in Go to automate the deployment of MySQL and ProxySQL custom resources in order to enable 2,000+ internal developers to instantly deploy their app databases to production. Wrote several scripts in Go to automate MySQL database failovers while maintaining master-slave replication topologies and keeping Zookeeper nodes consistent with changes


Software Engineer

Santa Clara, CA

Architected and wrote the entire MVP of the GeForce Now internal admin and A/B testing dashboard using React, Redux, TypeScript, and Python


Software Engineer

San Jose, CA

Co-developed a prototype iOS app with another intern in Swift for the new Splunk Phantom security orchestration product (later publicly demoed and launched at .conf annual conference in Las Vegas). Implemented a realtime service for the iOS app in Django (Python) and C++; serialized data using protobufs transmitted over gRPC resulting in an approximate 500% increase in data throughput


Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA

Proposed and implemented an internal ruby API for sending/receiving commands to scooters over LTE networks. Developed a fully automated bike firmware update system to handle asynchronous firmware updates of over 100,000+ scooters worldwide, and provide progress reports in real-time using React, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and AWS EC2 saving hundreds of developer hours

Mitre Media

Software Engineer

Toronto, ON

Designed and implemented a robust password encryption and browser cookie storage system in Ruby on Rails. Leveraged the Yahoo finance API to develop the dividend.com equity screener


University of Waterloo

2016 - 2021
Bachelor's Degree of Computer Science (BCS)

Wilfrid Laurier University

2016 - 2021
Bachelor's Degree of Business Administration (BBA)